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IN SHORT – If you are looking for the FRP Bypass APP or FRP Bypass tool to bypass the Factory Reset Protection, then we are sharing the latest FRP Bypass APK to download and install that will help you do this thing. 

It all started with the Android 5.0 Lollipop as Google added a new feature called Factory Reset Protection. So basically, it is a feature that helps you to protect the data on your phone. If someone has stolen your device, the chances are that they will try to delete all the data by factory resetting it. And you won’t want that to happen, right? So, the FRP or Factory Reset Protection helps to protect the data on your phone. If you have the FRP enabled, then if you want to add your account or reset the phone, then you will have to provide the credentials of the Google account that was previously added to the phone.

FRP Bypass Tool APK

Sometimes, we have to bypass this protection in case of emergency, and not everyone knows how to Bypass FRP on Android. Let us suppose that this protection is enabled on your phone, but you forgot the credentials of your Google or Samsung account. In that case, you will not be able to Factory reset also since the protection is ON. In that case, it is better to use an FRP Bypass Tool that can help to bypass the Factory Reset Protection.

Some apps help in disabling this protection and in this particular article, we will be sharing the best FRP Bypass APK that works 100% despite the fact that many such apps don’t work since as soon as Google knows about them, the loopholes are fixed that let users bypass the protection. We know that you are here to get the latest FRP Bypass TOOL apk to bypass the Factory Reset Protection that will not let you factory reset the phone without entering the previous credentials. This works on every phone, and this is also one more plus point of this app.


If not used for wrong use, then it is perfectly fine to use the FRP Bypass APK since you have forgotten the last credentials that you added to the phone. This app works like a charm and is surely the best among all such apps that are present on the internet. What this app does is that it gets into the settings and then wipes everything including the Google or Samsung account which means the Factory Reset Protection is bypassed since there won’t be any account linked with the phone.

It is extremely easy to use apps, and so, you will not find any difficulties while using the FRP Bypass APK on your Android phone.


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FRP Bypass APK

First of all, you need to download and install the latest APK file of the FRP Bypass Tool. For this, just tap or click on the button below and that will take you to the ‘Zippyshare’ page from where you just need to tap or click on the ‘Download’ button, and the file will be downloaded.


Keep in mind that we take no responsibility for whatever you do with this app. Just use it for legal use in case you forgot your account details. Don’t use for bad purposes. 

Once the apk file has been downloaded, all you need to do is install it. Now, for most of the users, there will be a popup saying that you need to enable ‘Unknown Sources.’ For that, go into the settings and then go to the security tab. Here, just turn on the toggle next to the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. That will enable the unknown sources, and you will then be able to install the app without any issue.


Here is the video tutorial that explains how you can use thee, FRP Bypass Tool, to bypass the Factory Reset Protection on your Android phone. The video shows that it works perfectly so just follow the video to know how to use this app.



Well, this was a short article on How to Bypass FRP by using an FRP Bypass Tool APK and as mentioned above, make sure to use this for legal use only and not for any illegal use as we are not responsible if you do that. Also, the loopholes are being fixed continuously so in future the app may or may not work. In case the app shared above doesn’t work, there are also many alternate ways. You can check out this article that shows the Top 10 tools to bypass FRP.

You can downgrade your phone to previous Android version since we have tested this to work on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. If you are on Nougat or Oreo, the app may or may not work at all. So, that was all about how to Download FRP Bypass APK. If you have any troubles while using it, just let us know via the comments section. We will help you asap.


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