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We all love watching movies, TV series etc., and there is no doubt that we all need a way to watch latest movies and TV series for free. There are a ton of apps on the web that promises the same thing, i.e., letting users watch free movies online and TV serials etc. Still, most of them don’t work at all, and the ones that work aren’t available to download from the Google Play Store for some obvious reasons. There is an app called Cinema Box with which, you can stream free movies and on your Android smartphone or Android tablet.

Download Cinema Box APK
Download Cinema Box APK

As mentioned above, this app is not available on the Google Play Store as we all know Google doesn’t like to keep such apps on the Play Store. But still, you can sideload the CinemaBox app as in this article, we are explaining in brief about this app, and we will also provide the direct download link for the latest version of the app. Keep in mind that we never add annoying pop ups and surveys as the links we provide are direct download links meaning that you only need to click or tap on the button and that’s it.


This is an obvious question that comes to everyone’s mind when he/she knows about an app that provided free online movie streaming. So yes, there is no harm in using this app, and it is entirely safe app without any virus or malware.

Many of you might be familiar with the Playbox HD App that was one of the most popular applications a couple of years back as it provided users with the freedom to stream movies and TV serials in full high quality. Now, the Cinemabox apk is not different from that as it is just a new name given to Playbox app. Yes, it is the same Playbox app but with a new name and interface.


Cinema Box App Download
Cinema Box App Download

Now for all those guys who have this weird question in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should download this app –

  • So no one wants to miss their favourite TV shows, and this app is surely a saviour as will not let you miss any of your favourite TV shows. No need to wait for the TV show now as you can watch it anytime and anywhere.]
  • There is no complicated process when it comes to Downloading and installing this app, and also there is NO ROOT required for this app to run. Sweet?
  • This app has a simple and clean UI which is not cluttered with annoying buttons and stuff like that. All your movies and TV Shows are arranged cleanly.
  • This app lets you change the quality of the Movie or TV Show as per your choice. Whether it be 240p or Full-HD, this app does it all.
  • This app has a huge collection of movies, and TV Shows and new are added regularly.

Version2.1.0 (7)
Last UpdatedJanuary 2018
What it doesSteam Movies and TV Shows


CinemaBox App Download
CinemaBox App Download

For some security reasons, Android won’t let you download any app from outside the Google Play Store so simply; you have to toggle an option in the Security Settings of your Android smartphone. Here is what you need to do –

  • Head to the Settings of your Android phone. You can either go to Settings via the navigation bar or by tapping on the settings icon in the apps. In some phones, you can go to settings by long pressing the desktop and then tapping on Settings option.
  • Once you are in the settings, search for the Security Settings. It will be listed as ‘Security’. Tap on that and Security Settings will open.

  • Here, scroll down to the option that says ‘Unknown Sources’ and toggle it on. What this will do is that it lets users download any app from outside the Google Play Store that they cannot do with this option being turned off.
  • Once you have done this, now it’s the time to download and install the Cinemabox latest App.

Tapping or Clicking on the button below will let you download the latest version of the Cinema Box App and once you download that, it’s time to install the application.


  • Head to the location where you have downloaded the app.

  • Once you find it, tap on that and now, tap on the Install option.

  • It will take a few seconds to install and boom! You have got the Cinema Box Latest Apk that will let you stream movies and TV shows for absolutely free.

Here is a video tutorial showing the same thing –


Every app for Android comes with some rules for compatibility like the minimum Android version required, the minimum amount of RAM required on your phone etc. In case of the Cinema Box App, you need to have a phone with –

  • Android 4 or Above
  • Minimum 1GB RAM and above
  • Minimum 4GB Free Space on your phone


You can, but the process is a little bit different from the process of downloading it on Android. Now, .apk files are for Android devices only and you Laptop or PC is surely running Windows that cannot run .apk files directly without the need of extra software. There is a thing called ‘Android Emulator’. This lets you have full Android experience on your PC or Laptop, and you can install and RUN Android apps.

Download Cinema Box For PC
Download Cinema Box For PC

So, to download Cinema Box for PC and run it, you have to download an Android Emulator. The one we recommend is called ‘Bluestacks’ which is the most popular Android Emulator. Here are the steps you need to take to download the app for PC –

    • First of all, head to the official website of Bluestacks and download the Android Emulator from there.
    • Now, once it is downloaded and you have installed the software on your PC or Laptop, download the Cinema Box Apk from the button that is given below and also above. There is no difference as this is the same apk file that you downloaded for your Android phone.
    • Once downloaded, click on it to open and a popup will appear that asks how you want to open this file. You have to select ‘Bluestacks’.
    • It will now take a while to install the app on Bluestacks, and once it is done, you will see the app in Bluestacks. That’s it. You can now run and use the app on your PC. Was that a complicated process? No that wasn’t!



And the answer is – YES! You have the freedom to cast CinemaBox to Chromecast as this app has this built-in feature which makes it one of the best movie streaming application on the internet for Android or iOS. Let’s learn how you cast it to Chromecast very easily –

  • First of all, search for any movie or video on the CinemaBox apk and then, play it.

  • Now, when it starts playing, you will notice the ‘Cast’ icon on the top right corner of the window, and that’s the option which does the whole task.

  • Tap on that, and then, you need to select your Chromecast. Bang! You have successfully done it.

But hey! There is an alternative way to do this too. Here is it –

  • First of all, play any movie or video on the app and when it is playing or is almost gonna play, you will see a ‘Wifi’ option on the top right.

  • Tap on this option, and it will show a ‘Wifi Sharing’ popup that shows a URL like 192.168.##.##:####. You need to write this URL on Google Chrome browser on your PC or laptop.

  • Once you do that, hit the cast icon that is there in Chrome and select your Chromecast. That’s it. That’s how you can Cast CinemaBox to Chromecast very quickly.

So yes, that was all about the CinemaBox apk and isn’t it a great thing to watch your favourite movie or TV Show when you are waiting for the train at the station or are feeling bored at your home? It is. Do you have any questions related to the app? Or any issues that you want to fix? The comments section is yours. Drop down all your doubts about the app in the comments below, and we will fix it. Happy Streaming!



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